Western Cape dominates latest municipality rankings

Issued by Isaac Sileku MPP – DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Local Government
15 Mar 2024 in Press Statements

Note to broadcasters: Please find attached an audio clip by MPP Isaac Sileku

The Western Cape Government and DA-run municipalities in the province are leading the fight in rescuing South Africa. The latest Governance Performance Index (GPI) report not only reaffirms this position but also highlights the substantial strides made by the Provincial Government in various aspects of governance.

One notable aspect revealed by the report is the significant presence of Western Cape municipalities at the forefront of local municipal performance nationwide. Over the years, the Western Cape’s consistent excellence has elevated the province’s standing, with an increasing number of municipalities securing top rankings.

In 2021, 13 of the top 20 highest-ranked municipalities in the GPI report were in the Western Cape. In 2024, that number has now risen to 15.

Moreover, the DA’s commitment to service delivery is unmistakable, as evidenced by our municipalities’ remarkable performance in key indicators such as the blue drop, green drop, and no drop reports.

In the Western Cape, 93,2% of households have access to safe drinking water. The Western Cape also reported the highest proportion of households with access to electricity, which currently stands at 97%. Both figures are far above the national average, standing at 82.4% and 89.6% respectively.

The province’s proactive approach to governance is further evident in its outstanding yearly audit outcomes, with a majority of municipalities receiving the highest possible ratings. Just recently, the Western Cape Government itself, also achieved a 100% unqualified clean audit. Indicating that money in the Western Cape, is being spent on what it should be.Most importantly, the report also underscores the satisfaction of citizens within the Western Cape, reflecting the tangible impact of effective governance on people’s lives.

MPP Isaac Sileku said: “This recognition reinforces the Western Cape’s status as the best-run province and reaffirms the DA’s dedication to serving all residents diligently. The continued dominance of the Western Cape in yearly governance performance reports underscores the dedication and success of the Western Cape Provincial Government under the leadership of the Democratic Alliance.

Despite these achievements, the DA-run Western Cape remains committed to addressing lingering challenges, particularly regarding inequality.

The DA acknowledges the work ahead but remains resolute in its mission to continue delivering essential services and narrowing the gap, thus ensuring a brighter future for all its residents.”