New 24/7 Highway Patrol Unit a game changer

Issued by Tertuis Simmers – DA Provincial Leader, Western Cape
04 Nov 2022 in Press Statements

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The City of Cape Town’s newly launched 24/7 Highway Patrol Unit is a game changer. Not only will this unit patrol the highways 24-hours every day, but it is also equipped with the latest technologies, making officers more effective at making our roads safer.

Officers will be equipped with body-cams and vehicles will be fitted with Automated Number Plate Recognition technology as well as dash-cams. This takes highway patrolling in the City of Cape Town to a new level as it bolsters its efforts to make the city safer.

The DA in the Western Cape applauds the city for its innovation and determination. The Highway Patrol unit is yet another addition to the DA governments’ efforts to fight crime and make our province safer.

The ingenuity, forward-thinking and resolve to combat crime, together with the results that these efforts deliver, is a clear indication that the DA-led Western Cape government is fully capable of running its own police service.

It is therefore critical that we continue to work towards the devolution of policing powers to capable provinces. The Western Cape is showing in all areas of safety that we are more than proficient to do the job.