Western Cape High Court declares appointment of Knysna Municipal Manager null and void

11 May 2024 in Press Statements
Please find attached a soundbite by Dr Dion George MP.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) acknowledges the ruling by the Western Cape High Court invalidating the appointment of Mr. Sebola as the Municipal Manager of Knysna.

The DA pursued legal action following Mr. Sebola’s appointment due to his lack of proper qualifications and complete unsuitability for the role. His tenure as the Municipal Manager for Modimolle-Mokgophong resulted in the municipality’s bankruptcy, and he fled before facing legal consequences, only to resurface in Knysna.

Mr. Sebola’s performance in Knysna has been blatantly inadequate, exacerbating crises in water supply, finances, refuse removal, and sewage management. The current coalition of corruption, comprising the ANC/EFF/PA, bears responsibility for appointing such an unfit individual.

Furthermore, Mr. Sebola’s recent display of disrespect toward a public representative underscores his disregard for the people of Knysna.

The DA welcomes his immediate departure, effective today. We adamantly oppose any attempt by the dysfunctional Knysna government to reappoint Mr. Sebola in any capacity, including as Acting Municipal Manager, as currently suggested. We will take swift action to prevent any circumvention of this ruling by the coalition of corruption.