DA will uphold the Rule of Law in Overstrand

Issued by Rikus Badenhorst – DA Constituency Head, Overstrand
16 Mar 2023 in Press Statements

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The DA in Overstrand rejects recent claims by the Land Party – also known to weakly try and imitate the EFF – that the DA’s court application opposing the planned National Day of Action on 20 March is “racist” and an attempt to use “apartheid laws” to prevent protesters.

Instead, the DA wants to send a strong message where it governs that any criminality committed under the guise of lawful protest will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

These allegations are nothing but a thuggish attempt by the Land Party to score political points ahead of the upcoming Ward 5 by-election in Zwelihle.

The DA notes the Land Party’s declining support over the last two elections as evidence of their inability to deliver on their promises, exactly because of their anarchist tendencies.

While acknowledging everyone’s right to express themselves, DA governments are ready to maintain the rule of law during protests and are keenly aware of the potential for damage to property, threats to businesses, and the risk to people’s safety. To protect South Africans against any possible crimes resulting from the protests, the DA has created an Intimidation Affidavit template for reporting intimidation or violence. The template is available here and on all DA social media platforms.

The DA expresses their gratitude to Overstrand Executive Mayor Annalie Rabie for continuous consultation with law enforcement and SAPS to ensure the protection of citizens’ rights in the Overstrand.

The DA reminds residents and all South Africans that the most effective way to remove parties seeking to prevent law-abiding citizens from going about their business is to vote them out at the polling stations in 2024, like the residents of Ward 5 who is showing their support for the DA and their candidate, Councillor Archie Klaas, who promises to prioritize residents’ interests and deliver excellent services.