The Western Cape Works!

Our Plan to Keep Delivering for the People of the Western Cape

Watch: On Saturday, 6 April 2024, Premier Candidate for the Western Cape, Alan Winde will launch the DA’s Western Cape Manifesto in Paarl.

Download the Western Cape Manifesto: Afrikaans · English · isiXhosa

The Western Cape Works!

Since 2009, when the DA was elected to govern the Western Cape for the first time, the Western Cape government has consistently emerged as the best performing provincial government in the country.

As the DA-led Western Cape Government, we have made great strides over the last five years.

And with your vote on the 29 May, we will keep delivering for the people of the Western Cape.

Our provincial manifesto will set out what has been achieved by the DA-run provincial government and contains seven pledges to keep delivering to all the people of the Western Cape.

The DA pledges to:

  1. Create 800 000 new jobs.
  2. Fight crime with 1 300 law enforcement officers, Rural Safety Units and K9 Units.
  3. Cut loadshedding by four stages.
  4. Push for control of policing, transport and the ports.
  5. Build more schools faster and deliver quality education for all.
  6. Deliver a world-class public health service.
  7. Run a clean, innovative government that delivers for all.

The DA-run provincial government is leading the way in every crucial aspect of delivery: creating jobs through a growing economy, reducing crime, cutting loadshedding, building schools, improving health, and putting people before politicians.

There is only one party with the track record and the vision to govern effectively.

That party is the Democratic Alliance.

The DA succeeds in government because it governs for the people.

The Western Cape was rescued from the ANC back in 2009. In that time, the DA has shown the rest of South Africa that it is possible to build a government that works.

We want to keep delivering to the people of the Western Cape, but we need your vote to keep making progress. A vote for the DA is a vote for a province that works.

The Western Cape Works.

Vote to Keep the Western Cape DA.